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why the trailer is saying its indisponible lol

Sounds good. But I can not start the game with my Debian 8 32 bit.



What GAME ENGINE DID YOU USE to make this game?? Thank you.

I have used Unity3D for the Game Engine. Hope it helps.

Good news guys, the game is on STEAM for Purchase right now:

Ah, car parking- literally driving people up the wall since 1908.


I like the jokes, nice explanation of the entire thing by the way. It has to be a demonic priest to design a parking lot this though.

Darn, always forget about those demonic priests :p

Game is on steam bro, need your upvotes:

The wallrides and jumps surprised me! If you would add some levels and even allow players to make their own custom maps. That will allow the game to last longer if you ever decide to put it on!

Nice Gameplay video. I will add some maps for sure, about giving the ability for the user to make their own maps would be cool, if my programming time permits, I will put it in. Thanks again for the play, review and comment. Be cool. I be sure to knock you once I make new maps.


It was a really enjoyable experience if I dare to say so! :D

The graphics are on point. You nailed that retro style and I love it. Plus, it seems to not affect game performance. So, it's impressive.

Controls can be a bit frustrating, but it's supposed to be like that, so it doesn't go to the negative side of things.

I'm a big sucker for good audio. And these tracks made me dance real good! I wonder if I can find them somewhere, 'coz they're awesome. One little thing, though: this energetic music makes you go forward full throttle. And it's not acceptable for some of the parts of the course! Again, I'm not saying it's a bad thing! ;)

All n' all, I'm really digging this game. It's a well-executed idea :D

I've played the game on my channel, if someone's interested to see some real life reactions:

Thanks for the play and encouragement bro. I know the game has a long way to go, still encouragement and early feedback really helps towards making it better. Its like cooking. You can find the music here:
Made by EVAN KING, another awesome guy making Royalty free stuff for everyone. I am huge sucker for sythwave and chiptunes, reminds of the good old days of Sega Genesis, Mario , Excite Bike, Robocop, Contra. Miss those days of no worries, being a kid and those games, my god. Therefore became a programmer myself, to make games and its good to see someone enjoying what I make. This soundtrack reminds of those days.

The game has its point. Some tweak here and there and it's ready to be a full-fledged game on its own. And, of course, all that improvement and reaching for the greater experience is always appreciated (It's an interesting and good comparison with cooking you have :D)

Oh, thanks for the links! He IS an awesome composer. And I really like his music style he's going for! This old/new retro has a special place in my heart, because of the games I've played when I was a little beginner gamer ^_^ You mentioned some really cool games from those times!

yo man, its time for the steam stuff.

That's awesome! Good luck with a Greenlight. I hope it does great :D

Awesome game!!! Love it!

Let's play Try Hard Parking! Click here


Just saw the video, nice gameplay, subbed. On the level 2 i am going to fix the incline. You can give it a wide angle and it'll come down. I am currently finishing on the game . I don't know, is there a market for hard games? . I made this to make a fool out of myself and my 11year old nephew. We are oldschool racing game fans, played all car games, but this is even hard for us.

Man this game is awesome! If you add more levels and cars and stuff I think it could get attention! I loved how hard it was, that's what makes it fun! The fact that you advertise it around keeping cool to win or raging to lose is perfect! Like to see some CRAZY levels with loops,fire and maybe some bomb traps! lmao. Great idea, hope you keep working on it and making it better. Looking forward to seeing more content! Oh and maybe like a free run mode where you have like crazy arena's to play around in! Man I see a lot of potential in this game! KEEP IT UP!!!

Thanks man, have taken your suggestions and getting back to work.

Dude, its time to get to steam, dearly need some upVotes :

PS: There are 2 more levels to play and fixed a lot of bugs including the ramp one.

Just seen this! Steam showed me your game on Greenlight so that's good! Hell yeah! Can't wait to try it out! I'll make a video on it tonight or tomorrow!

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I had an absolute blast playing this! Can't wait to see more!

wow, really appreciate you giving this game a go. This sort of game is not everybody's cup of tea. May I ask for some advice? There aren't many games about parking on steam. There is tgis one though . Compared to that, give me your honest opinion, what are my chances ? . Again I really appreciate the gameplay, really helps in making the game better.

I would say you have a great chance! My advice would be to fine tune the controls a bit, work hard on making more levels, and perfect the visuals. The main part I would suggest working on is just more content though. If you did eventually add in some sort of user level creation that would help a lot as well. But I understand that takes a lot more time and so it should be the last priority. And as for your question, what you have currently is miles ahead of any other parking game on steam. Keep up the great work!

wow, that lightened up my day. Thanks again, I now understand the fixes that needs to be done, back to my programming cave. Lol.

Dude, its upvote time man, need your help:

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Really cool and well made game!! Super enjoyable and really a challange!
Absolutely recommend everyone to try this one out! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks for the play man. You are one of the few people who could hold their breath till the final level. I am currently working on the full version of the game and has a lot of improvements. I will sure to let you know once its ready. Thanks again, for the play.

Haha nice to hear!! :D I kept on going even though I kinda got pretty frustrated there a couple of times ;P
Awesome!! Would love to play this one more! :D Really really enjoyed it! Always nice with rage games :D Keep up the great work man! :D
Thank you for making this experience!

RadiCarl man, its time. It is time for steam bro, need your upVotes and support :